extraction equipment discount prices


Extraction Equipment Discount Prices

with Expert Customer Service from MaxYieldOG.

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extraction equipment discount prices

Rosin Tech Products

Providing all the products that Rosin Tech has from their Professional Series Heat Press to PollenMaster 1500.

extraction equipment discount prices

Across International

Authorized Dealer for all Across International equipment from Vacuum Ovens to Rotary Evaporator


Excellent Customer Support

Additional Benefits of MaxYieldOg.com

MYOG Customer Support and Free Shipping are standard to all our customers.  You understand why we are better than our competition becuase of your MYOG Shopping Experience.


Free Shipping

Cascade Botanical

Manufactoring high end Vaccum Ovens that are for extractors that need a high quality machine with high quanity production.

Edwards Pumps

Authorized Dealer for the whole line of Edwards Pumps.  Check out our complete selection at MYOG Low Price

Under $500.00

MYOG understands money is aways tight.  Here is products you can get for less than $500.00 and Free Shipping.   MYOG Deals

Under $1500.00

MYOG has made it easy for you to view everything that is under $1500.00 and Free Shipping.   MYOG Deal

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