MYOG Super Soil

Super Soil

Super Soil is a term used to describe soil already inoculated with all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients required by plants to meet and exceed their potential.

Super Soils are also teaming with microbiology that naturally occurs in the earth soils. These large populations of microbiology contribute to overall plant growth, vigor and health.

A proper Super Soil has everything a plant needs to grow from seedling to flowering, only requiring water to complete the photosynthesis cycle.

Super Soils are fully organic and only contain things naturally occurring on the earth’s crust and sea.

MaxYieldOG Super Soil

MaxYieldOG Super Soil is specially formulated to have the exact amount of vitamins, minerals, nutriments and microbiology required to take your plants from seedling to cultivation. Finishing with beautiful autumn colors giving the smoothest smoke and highest quality flowers available on the market!

MYOG Super Soil‘s do not require any bottle fed nutrients. With only water the soil will fully care for your plants up to 3 months!

Best of all NO more salt build up from PH’ing and NO more FLUSHING those nutrients and dollars down the drain!

The Need for Super Soil

The need for Super Soils is increasing every day. With mass agriculture plowing through nutrients and throwing down thousands of gallons of synthetic compounds in the soils. With growers throwing out hundreds of thousands of pounds of soil each year. These wasteful and dangerous methods call forth a new age with the need to recycle and revive the original now discard as used soils. Getting growing back to the basics with using the minerals provided in mother earth and growing plants the way they are gown best; naturally.

Super Soil amendments can completely restore any soil to its peek performance. Reducing waste, lowering costs and reducing the amount of toxins released into the air, earth and plants. The best part about it is everything in Super Soil is already in the earth!

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